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Lightning Finder

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Lightning Finder displays current lightning strikes in near real time for the contiguous 48 States, Mexico, Puerto Rico portions of Central America and the Caribbean Islands for the calendar year 2015.

Unlike other lightning applications, we offer a complete national lightning strike map designed for full resolution on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Use standard gestures to move around the national map, pinch to zoom in and out. Investigate storm cells and lightning strikes nationwide with radar and cloud cover overlays as well as radar looping. The map can be viewed in Standard, Satellite or Hybrid mode.

Use your current location or enter a zip code of interest to display detailed lightning information with a displayable safety perimeter showing the 3, 6 and 10 mile safety boundaries. All strikes within a 25 mile radius of your current location or configured zip code are displayed with full accuracy. Outside of your area, regional strikes are displayed with 10 mile resolution. You may change your zip code as often as you like to view areas of interest.

Use the included alarm service to configure Text Messaging alerts based on your location or configured zip code. This service will send an SMS message to your phone when lightning is detected within your safety perimeter. All major carriers are supported for Text Messaging.

Also included is a current weather display and 7 day forecast for your area.

Lightning data is provided in 'near real time' by the North American Precision Lightning Network. Lightning data is not guaranteed nor is the timeliness of delivery. Do not use this application for personal safety. This application only maps lightning strikes that have already occurred and does not predict future strikes or locations.

  • Near real time lightning map of the contiguous 48 States, Mexico, Puerto Rico portions of Central America and the Caribbean Islands
  • Full map features and standard gestures
  • Radar and Cloud Cover (Infrared) overlays
  • Radar looping
  • Text message alerts
  • iPad and iPhone4 compatible in full resolution
  • Current weather and 7 day forecast


Real-time lightning data in various formats including user-defined formats
Text Message Lightning Alerts
Integration of real-time lightning data into custom applications
Custom Programming

About Us

LightningFinder incorporates the North American Precision Lightning Network (NAPLNSM) to provide high quality and accurate lightning stroke information to our customers. Our information relies on a network of time-of-arrival (TOA) system precision lightning sensors. Lightning strokes are triangulated by the sensor network and the raw data is sent to the TOA Systems Central Analyzer for processing and redistribution.

Once the lightning data is processed and refined in our databases, we redistribute the information to users through web and mobile applications.

If you need real time lightning data, contact us.
  • Critical Weather Event Monitoring
  • Real Time Lightning Detection
  • Entire U.S. Coverage
  • Dopler Radar
  • Weather Conditions and Forecasts
  • Text Message Alert Notifications
  • iPhone and iPad Compatible